TEFL for Post-Grads

There is a fear of what’s to come after the gap year. So many who take a gap year are doing it for one reason and one reason only – avoiding their inevitable soulless career. Post-Grads allowed me to hear at first hand who’ve chosen to take a gap year before “having” to start their jobs in consultancy or do their law conversion. You get a lot of grad gap years who have ‘great’ jobs lined up but are blessed with the opportunity to defer their start date by 6 months or even a year. So what do they do? They take a gap year to travel “while I still can”. It baffles me why there is this endemic mindset among grads, who think that going to a top university automatically means you have to jump onto the classic corporate conveyer-belt. They see the gap year as one last free adventure before 40 years on a hamster-wheel. The postgraduate gap year should be much more than a delay mechanism for the inevitable. It’s not just about going off to ‘find yourself’; it’s about delving into a load of new experiences, challenges, projects, and cultures. No fear should be attached before, during, or after. Provided you do one for the right reasons, the post-grad gap year will help you succeed.

Most Post-Grad students tend to be hassled with lot's of job offers that don't fit their required study field which completely runs against the main principles (Think About It) because in some ways you are always promised to find an excellent job, to buy a car and then apply for a mortgage and work year after year to pay it off not including the payment for a university degree during all of this you aren't given the opportunity to test your skills out there in the world. Of course, some student's are lucky enough to be able to afford to do anything they want and others can't but we can assist both in a challenge that can and will change your life.

ESL Teach Abroad has become a popular decision for Post-Grads to travel and teach English abroad. We have traveled the world with 18 years experience teaching English as a foreign language and now with marketing through those experiences, we give an opportunity to create an opportunity that furthers a teaching experience after or during contracts. We utilize both of these attributes (Teaching & Marketing) and make a challenge for you to make a new life, to be able to continue with your journey either through teaching, traveling or online marketing for the future. It gives a better future for those that wish to continue traveling around the world and find success, is that person you?

Let us find your path towards a great contract in TEFL and also join our marketing community to transform your dreams throughout your contracts. If you're in need of a new adventure, culture or career then teaching is important to be able to utilize all those lessons you once had at university with your lecturer into a great opportunity for your own future. Post-Grads are far more organized after a year of teaching because they have organized all that information during a gap year to search for far more with meeting like-minded teacher's and interesting opportunities which in good turn gives great reason to take a university degree in the first place. We are who we work with and continue to be the best provider of opportunities through choice to make our combined services considerate to your plans for success. Our commitment and Choice of partners and keeping the travel momentum going for teachers that wish to continue traveling is something we teach ourselves giving you the chance to find the real you so contact us today and find  A Golden Choice!

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